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Curated NFT collectibles marketplace for culture’s icons

Buy Sell Trade Iconic Collectibles

a curated NFT collectibles marketplace for culture’s icons

Iconic Trading Cards

Remember the buzz of collecting trading cards as a kid? So do we. That is why are giving fans a modern, digital way to build their collections of their favourite people. 

Digital Assets with Real Value


Unique digital art created by our talented artists. One of a kind, they can't be copied, faked, or revoked – not even by us. You are the owner until you sell


Have a card that increased value over time? Sell it to profit from the appreciation. You can easily offer it for resale on the GENIACE marketplace


Look out for the GENIACE cards with that something extra special. A personalized video from the Icon or the physical version of the art - are just some of the extras you can expect

Rarity in each Collection

Each collectible on GENEIACE has unique attributes or extras which assign it a level of scarcity and value. Strengthen your digital deck by being a savvy trader.

Mystery Packs

Ahh…the adrenaline rush of opening a fresh pack of cards, not knowing what you may have landed. The unlockable feature ofassets on the blockchain allow us to surprise & delight you with one or  more of the icons in a GENIACE Collection

Upcoming Drops

These are a few of the OGs of Rap. You'll recognize their faces and music. This amazing art was created by our Collaborating Artist: Jols Luominen
We celebrate some of the most iconic winners of Miss Universe Beauty pageants in this unique collection created by our Artist-in-Residence: Ben Salvacion.
Everyone has a favourite Bond movie - and that means a favourite Bond actor. We celebrate some of the most iconic actors to play Bond in this timeless collection
These iconic inventors all created something powerful enough to change our habits, the way we think and, ultimately, the way we live. Stay tuned for details!
The Korean wave - or hallyu - has swept over the world. South Korea’s K-pop idols are now among the biggest celebrities in the world. Stay tuned for details!

Genesis Drop

In partnership with

To mark our launch and celebrate the 60th Year Anniversary of WWF, we are partnering with WWF-Philippines on a drop featuring 4 endangered animals which WWF is aiming to protect & preserve for future generations. Proceeds from the sales of these collectibles will go directly to WWF-Philippines.

Get Involved

For Artists & Creators

Join our exclusive Collaborating Artist Program and be invited to bring your unique style and artwork to upcoming NFT art drops on the GENIACE platform. Make your name in the world of collectible art & earn 80% of the proceeds from your NFT art sales!

For Icons & Brands

Are you a celebrity or influencer with a dedicated following? Are you a brand looking to partner with iconic names in their field? We can partner with you to create an exclusive digital art campaign that resonates with your fans & followers!